Industry 4.0 Is Changing The Rules Of Business & Introducing New Opportunities
The Demand For Professional Services Consultants Is On The Increase
How To Setup Your Own Professional Services Consulting Practice In Just 90 Days 
(and if you already have a practice, how to scale it even further)
  •  How To Reinvent & Differentiate Your Business That Has You In High Demand & Standing Apart From Your Competition
  •  How To Increase Your Business Revenue With A Constant Flow Of Leads & Repeat Clients Without Having Sales Experience
  •  How To Reduce Your Business Costs While Providing Awesome Service Without Having Technology Capability
  •  How To Future Proof Your Business Before You Have Even Got Started
  •   How To Create Long Term Business Value By Building A Highly Desirable Asset That Gives You Options


Dr Ross McKenzie
Leading Expert Authority New Economy Business & Industry 4.0 - The Consultant's Consultant
Limited Spots Available
 WED 26th JUNE
8 PM Sydney
2 PM Dubai
11 AM London
Plus You Will Learn The 3 Secrets The Big Consulting Firms Will Never Ever Tell You...
Most consultants all look the same - the only difference is the company logo on their business card. 

So to succeed in this game, you have to not just learn how to stand out, but how to stand apart from everyone else.
The only way your clients will want to work with you is if you can solve their big problems.

So when you learn how to do this, with your unique solutions that provide overwhelming value, will have a sustainable business.
Contractors go from job to job - or as we say in the game "feast to famine". Clearly, this is not sustainable!

What if instead, you could establish a continuous flow of leads, prospects and clients that bring in consistent revenue giving you security?
At the end of the LIVE training seminar, you will receive the Implementation Playbook that includes all the steps and actions for you to put in place to build your personal brand and becoming a recognised expert in your specific industry, profession, or business niche.
“I Help Professionals, Entrepreneurs, SMBs, SMEs and Corporate Clients To Grow & Scale Their Businesses By Overcoming The Big Challenges Of Disruptive Innovation, The New Economy  & Industry 4.0, So That They Can Achieve Their Big Goals & Make A Difference”
Dr Ross McKenzie... 
Leading Expert Authority On Disruptive Innovation, The New Economy & Industry 4.0
Futurist | Speaker | Author | Educator | Entrepreneur | Founder | Startup Mentor | Company Director | Advisory Board Executive | Social Media Influencer | The Consultant’s Consultant 
Who Is The Startup Business?
Is the premier business community for The New Economy. It’s a place where you can learn how to build a business, market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your business to new heights. With customers around the globe, we aspire to become one of the world’s most trusted voices sharing the best of what works in The New Economy.
What Do We Do?
At The Startup Business, we help professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, founders, SME's / SME’s and agents of change like you, to set up, scale & sustain your business in this age of The New Economy. So that you can focus on the front end of your business, dreaming big, creating an awesome vision & making a difference, while we take care of the back end, helping you with our Business & Technology Education, Entrepreneur Mentoring & Business Coaching, Startup & Business Advisory, RPA, AI, Automation & Outsourcing.
Why Do We Do It?
We believe in Learn, Lead, Legacy and being a force for good.

Because you must continue to Learn today as we are living in ever-changing and disruptive times.

But of course, learning and not stepping up, is not an option today. As much as this may take you out of your comfort zone, you must step up and Lead, and when you do, you lead by example.

You be the standard that others look up to.

Lastly, and most importantly to us, is what we do. Because what we seek to achieve is to be sustainable and to make a difference, an impact, a Legacy.

That’s why we do what we do.
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