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  •  Benefit #1 - Implementation Playbooks
  •  Benefit #2 - LIVE “Inner Circle” Q&A
  •  Benefit #3 - LIVE Webinar Training Events
  •  Benefit #4 - LIVE Digital Marketing Reviews
  •  Benefit #5 - The Startup Business Community
  •  Benefit #6 - Entrepreneur Interviews
  •  Benefit #7 - 24x7 Business Concierge
  •  Benefit #8 - The Business Connection
Set Up, Scale & Sustain Your New Economy Business
The Startup Business Club is part of the The Startup Business group of companies and businesses and provides an ecosystem, to support professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, founders and SME's / SMB's, to grow their businesses through providing the latest business and technology insights to be successful in The New Economy.
The Startup Business Club Membership
Premier Founders Membership Package - AUD $19 Per Month (Save 60%)
Your First 30 Days Is Also FREE
     This Premier Founders Membership Package is a promotional rate for a limited time only and the subscription will not increase throughout the continued membership. These special Premier Founders Membership Packages are also limited in number and will only be offered on a first in first served basis!

There are no locked in terms - cancel at any time!
Benefit #1 - Implementation Playbooks
Get dozens of step by step implementation guides, checklists, business systems/processes that we use as accelerators to start up new projects and run our current businesses.

We are constantly creating new playbooks as we create new processes and find things that work, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge and up to date.
Benefit #2 - LIVE “Inner Circle” Q&A
When you’re starting a business, is when you’re going to have the most questions and need the most support.

You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re having to hold you and your business back for days or even weeks.

Each week you’ll have the opportunity to ask Dr Ross McKenzie ANY question you have about starting or growing your business.

Ask him anything!
  •  Get direct clarification about concepts, tactics, or strategies you learn inside The Startup Business Club knowledge repository. 
  •  Get fast, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter in your business. 
  •  Get feedback or a second opinion on new ideas or projects you’re thinking about or working on. 
  •  This call is about YOU and getting you the specific targeted help you need as soon as possible. Dr Ross McKenzie will stay on until the last question is answered each and every week so you’re always moving your business forward!
Benefit #3 - LIVE Webinar Training Events 
Each month you will receive invitations to attend LIVE Webinar Training Events on Business & Technology topics.

You will also receive replays plus the pdf presentations.

All of these are stored in your secure membership portal.
Benefit #4 - LIVE Digital Marketing Reviews
Each month you will also receive invitations to attend LIVE Digital Marketing Reviews where we will profile successful entrepreneurs (including our current members) on specific aspects of your business's Digital Marketing Strategy.  

This is an opportunity to learn what works and what does not work when setting up, scaling and sustaining a business for the New Economy.
Benefit #5 - The Startup Business Community 
The Startup Business Community is our exclusive Facebook community – and includes an entire network of like-minded entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches we have brought together to support you & your entrepreneurial journey.

Connect with other like minded aspiring entrepreneurs who are also in the startup stage.

Make friends, business connections, potential joint venture partnerships and also accountability partners to keep you focused and moving forward.

Get your questions answered directly by our team of experts.

Get quick and direct feedback, critiques, and perspectives on your marketing, your products, and your promotions from the mastermind community.

Tap into the vast pool of combined resources that is only available when a group of entrepreneurs come together like this.

Benefit #6 - Entrepreneur Interviews  
Every month, you’ll receive a private “closed door” interview Dr Ross McKenzie does with a highly successful entrepreneur.

This is the advanced training portion of The Startup Business Club and although you will get plenty of powerful insights and strategies for successfully starting up your business, you’ll also get more advanced training for growing, scaling, and accelerating your business into high growth mode.

Discover how the business world’s achievers ‘think, operate, and make decisions’ on a day to day basis to reach the highest levels of business and personal success. 
  •  Uncover the worst (but AVOIDABLE mistakes) some of the biggest business names made during their startup days and how you can gracefully side-step each one to get ahead faster.
  •  Kickstart your company from the ground up with highly effective and low-cost marketing strategies taught by the original creators themselves.
  •  Debunk the biggest and most widespread myths and beliefs about money, wealth, and business that have probably been holding you back and keeping you stuck. 
Benefit #7 - 24x7 Business Concierge  
You will also get 24x7 email support from The Startup Business Concierge Team.

So what ever questions you may have, where ever you are and what ever the time is, you have someone to reach out to for assistance!
Benefit #8 - The Business Connection 
For many businesses, one of the big challenges is finding and being connected to the right people - whether this be suppliers, partners, investors or potential clients.

That is why Dr Ross McKenzie and The Startup Business helps businesses do this through our own global ecosystem where there are mutual synergies.

All is required is an email to our 24x7 Business Concierge team with what you are seeking and we will then take it from there!

What's this worth you ask?
The Startup Business Club Membership
Premier Founders Membership Package - AUD $19 Per Month (Save 60%)
Your First 30 Days Is Also FREE
     This Premier Founders Membership Package is a promotional rate for a limited time only and the subscription will not increase throughout the continued membership. These special Premier Founders Membership Packages are also limited in number and will only be offered on a first in first served basis!

There are no locked in terms - cancel at any time!
Leading Expert Authority On New Economy Business...
Futurist | Speaker | Author | Educator | Startup Mentor | Entrepreneur | Founder | FinTech, Digital Transformation, AI, Robotics & Automation Innovator | Company Director | Advisory Board Executive | Social Media Influencer | Microsoft Global Brand Ambassador | Founder & CEO Of The Startup Business | Founder & CEO Of The Business Centre of Excellence | CEO Of The Fair Trade Store | Director Of Phykon
"I Help Entrepreneurs, Startups, Founders, SMB's & SME's, To Set Up, Scale & Sustain Their Businesses In This Age Of The Global Entrepreneur, So That They Can Focus On Dreaming Big & Making A Difference"
I just want to say that the ideas and concepts that you shared have accelerated my business growth leading me to capture a market I did not know existed - Awesome! Brian

Thanks so much Ross for everything - as a result I have now created an additional income stream which is about my passion and it is now growing. Kamil

You have shown me how to set up a business in this new world of the New Economy and I can see that by following the strategies your taught me, I can double my business in the next 12 to 18 months. Jackson

Thank you so much - you really helped me to focus and see the opportunities to transform my business. Karina

Thank you for your time. I gained so much insight about being strategic in connecting with my target audience. Olayinka

Firstly, I would like to thank you very much. You have given me so much information that will help me to drive my business forward. Sherry

Thank you very much for your insights you shared. I really appreciate it. Truly grateful for your encouragement will definitely pursue my best dreams further and make it a reality :). Gloria

The information that you provided me with yesterday, that helped me to focus my mind on what I want to achieve and why, I found to be useful and practical. Ramila

I am grateful for the opportunity. I have to admit that you gave me some valuable tips. Aneta

Thank you so much for your time and devotion. I believe the whole event was like a wake-up call and is telling me to start acting now! I promise to put a plan down and research more about the market situation. Thank you so much for giving me more clarity and focus. Pavlina

Its a really gift you have in helping entrepreneurs to not only believe the can set up their own business, but be very good at it. I am so thankful for everything you have done for us, but most importantly, that you believed in us even when we had our own doubts. Don & Sharee

Many thanks, I had never thought of myself as 'a thought leader' so a great thank you, it will be my dream to reach out and help thousands of people as a thought leader. Fred

It was a real pleasure and you provided me with a real insight into how you made the transition from the corporate world to where you are now, which I found very useful to hear. The information that you provided helped me to focus my mind on what I want to achieve and why, I found to be useful and practical. I am giving some thought into how I would like to move forward, the support I require and what that would look like. Jacqueline

Dr Ross is the REAL DEAL! - he has so much experience and every time I listen to him, there is always another angle or perspective for me to get even better results from his inputs. Tomas

I've been thinking a lot about what you taught me and it has definitely inspired me even more. Giorgia
Is the premier business community for The New Economy. It’s a place where you can learn how to build a business, market like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to grow and scale your business to new heights. With customers around the globe, we aspire to become one of the world’s most trusted voices sharing the best of what works in The New Economy.
At The Startup Business, we help professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, founders, SME's / SME’s and agents of change like you, to set up, scale & sustain your business in this age of The New Economy. So that you can focus on the front end of your business, dreaming big, creating an awesome vision & making a difference, while we take care of the back end, helping you with our Business & Technology Education, Entrepreneur Coaching, Startup Advisory, Global Strategic Outsourcing and through our business accelerators…

- The 3 Phases Of Startup Business Growth (TM)
- The 5 Imperatives Of Highly Successful Businesses (TM)
- The 7 Practices Of Highly Effective Outsourcing (TM)
- The 5 Critical Disciplines Of Strategic Partnerships (TM)
- The 10 Principles Of Highly Influential Thought Leaders (TM)
- The 9 Rules Of Smart Business Automation (TM)
- The 6 Levers Of High Performing Digital Marketing 
- The 3 Forces Of New Economy Business (TM) 
We believe in Learn, Lead, Legacy and being a force for good.

Because you must continue to Learn today as we are living in ever-changing and disruptive times.

But of course, learning and not stepping up, is not an option today.

As much as this may take you out of your comfort zone, you must step up and Lead, and when you do, you lead by example.

You be the standard that others look up to.

Lastly, and most importantly to us, is what we do.

Because what we seek to achieve is to be sustainable and to make a difference, an impact, a Legacy.

That’s why we do what we do.
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